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Laurie F.

Brentwood, CA

I have been using Nice Can for a few months now... LOVE IT. I had used a similar service for quite some time in Pleasanton, before moving to Brentwood... and decided immediately with my new clean City Issued Cans, I needed to find a cleaning service... maybe you don't think of this as a necessity... but I promise, once you use the service you'll be glad you do, and you won't wanna miss a cleaning. I do once a month just brown and blue, but whatever you decide, you won't regret it.

Sharolyn E. 
Concord, CA

Today I am gonna talk trash. No not that. Trash cans actually. The big waste rollers, that we visit every day & put the worst of the worst in. Just had Nice Cans clean & high heat sanitize them. What an improvement. I no longer think of this as a luxury, like the $5.00 a day coffee habit that we have grown accustomed to. But a necessity. When you can open the lid of any of the 3 cans (even on your way to work) & not say gross & look for something to wipe your hands on. It is a great thing. Visit my friends at WWW.NICECANSCA.COM

Liz and Mamie
Bay Point, CA
We want to thank NICE CANS for their service. It was better than we expected. Our cans were so gross but now they are like new. We are looking forward to having our cans cleaned again. Thank you for providing this service. 
Mary S.  
Antioch, CA 
I purchased a 1 time clean from Nice Cans last week.  This week on trash day a young man came by in a nice truck, loaded my bins on the truck sprayed the inside and outside.  They looked like new.  I couldn't be happier as I keep my bins in the garage.  Thank you Brandon and Nice Cans.
Tami M. 
Lafayette, CA
Today I received my first service from Nice Cans. I put out my cans for trash day went to work, came home to not just empty cans but trash cans that smelled like lavender.  The outside had been washed just as well as the inside.  Thank you Nice Cans.

Alan J.

Oakley, CA

Found this company on the internet I believe and thought hmm that sounds interesting lets give it a shot. I called them and answered a group of questions like address, which days of the week is trash day. How many cans do you want cleaned and how often. I set up the service and couldn't be happier. They make sure  your trash is gone then take high pressure steam and clean the inside and outside. They dry them off and put them back near the gate. I get them to come around every quarter which keeps the stench and the ants to a minimum. I love this service they are on time not very expensive and always exceptionally polite. Try them I'll bet you keep them as you'll love them as much as I do.

Susan B.

Concord, CA

I had my first service today from Nice Cans! Wow and astonished, I am soooo pleased! This is a wonderful service! My cans look and smell brand new! I absolutely love having you in my helpful file!

Kimberle J.

Oakley, CA

I've been singing your praises since you did our can. What was really nice, we came home from work that day you cleaned ours, both cans (even though we only had you clean our refuse can) were brought up, out of the street and waiting for us in the driveway. Boy, what a big difference. This is a big help to the seniors, who are unable to do it themselves..

Susan H.
Brentwood, CA
I just wanted to thank you so much for our service today.  Not only are our cans clean but, what a wonderful surprise to find them put beside the house. We really appreciate what you did today. And your correspondence throughout this process has been beyond our expectation.
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