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Our unique trucks are designed for one purpose!

 To clean, sanitize and deodorize trash and recycle cans of all sizes in an economical, environmentally safe and time saving process.

Don't spend another minute cleaning your own cans we will do it for you!

Nice Cans Eco-Friendly Trash Can Cleaning

Convenient & Fast

Service is provided on your trash pick-up day and eliminates the hassle and mess associated with having to do it yourself.

Family Friendly

Sanitize & Freshen

Stops the spread of disease by eliminating bacteria and other harmful organisms. Biodegradable deodorizer ensures a fresh smelling can between cleanings.

Bug & Rodent Solution

Removes and prevents odors that attract various bugs and rodents like flies, wasps, raccoons and opossum. Rids your cans of spiders as well.

Eco- Friendly Process

No need for harsh chemicals and all waste water is collected by the truck for proper disposal.  We use 80% less water than doing it yourself.

Removes 99.9% of germs &
100% of the hassle.

We Use 80% less water than doing it yourself.

We Collect all of wastewater and recycle it properly.

We service your cans  curbside at your home saving you time.  

Trash bin cleaning truck
before and after
before after
before and after pictures
before and after trash can cleaning

How can I start my curbside trash can cleaning service?

  • No Contracts
  • Cancel Anytime


No Credit Card Required

We will Email an Invoice prior to service

  • Date of trash pickup

  • Address

  • Phone #

  • Requested Services


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our services 

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