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We Clean Trash Cans So You Don't Have To!

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We service your cans curbside at your


home or business

Save your time and money by letting us clean those offensive cans!

Nice Cans is a family run, locally operated business.    Our unique, eco-friendly

truck is built specifically for trash can cleaning. Nice Cans provides this service

for you curbside at your home.  Our goal is to provide you a water efficient,

affordable service that cleans and sanitizes your trash cans.

Our environmentally friendly trash can cleaning service reduces or eliminates all of these problems associated with your trash cans

eliminates bacteria
virus garbage can
trash bin cleaning eliminate viruses
eliminates pests in trash cans
eliminats rodents
trash bin cleaning service eliminates maggots
eliminates rodents
trash can cleaning
our service eliminates spiders in trash bins
Several filled, dirty plastic garbage ca
Those are just a few reasons 
for Trash Can Cleaning

The best reason for trash bin cleaning is the health and safety of you and your loved ones

We have discounts for customers requesting regular service 
Discount plans will be billed for 2 cleanings / can per invoicing

Try Nice Cans Today!

With all the benefits of having a trash can cleaning service, why wouldn't you try out Nice Cans? 

We have discounts for customers requesting regular service

Discount plans will be billed for 2 cleanings / can per invoicing

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